Assortment for the Festive Season 2019-2020

Make a success of your Christmas and New Year’s party with our delicious deserts made from artisanal ice cream from our ice cream parlour in Gaasbeek! Browse through our selection for 2018-2019. If you have questions, you want more information or want to place an order? Come and visit us or contact us via the contact page.


Ice cream cakes

 Prices: € 4.25 p.p. from 10 persons / € 4.60 p.p. from 4 to 9 people

  • Yule log: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 people (finishing depending on flavour)
  • Chalet for 7 or 12 people (finishing in Italian meringue
  • Half a Christmas Bubble: 4,6,8 or 10 people (finishing depending on flavour)
  • New Year’s Heart: 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 people (finishing depending on flavour)
  • New Year’s Clock: 9, 12, 15, 18 or 21 people (finishing depending on flavour)

All these Holiday cakes and stumps are available in the following flavours:

  • Vanilla - finishing whipped cream 
  • Vanilla - chocolate: chocolate mist finish
  • Salted caramel - mocha: caramel glaze finish
  • Coconut - straciatella: dark chocolate glaze finish
  • Vanilla - raspberry sorbet: raspberry glaze finish
  • Manon - hazelnut: white chocolate glaze finish


Individual servings

Price: € 4.75 per share

  • Small yule log: 6 flavours: vanilla, straciatella, vanilla with chocolate or mocha
  • Christmas Beer: vanilla - chocolate, chocolate glaze
  • Santa: vanilla - raspberry sorbet, raspberry glaze
  • Snow Man: vanilla, neutral glaze
  • Aperitif glass filled with champagne sorbet (also available in boxes)


Frozen "bonbons" in 15 different flavours

 Price: from € 1.30 per piece

Vanilla with rich creamy liquor (Avocaat) - berries - pistachio - raspberry - caramel - ferrero - coffee - praline - coconut - biscuit - passion fruit  - strawberry - rice crispies, pure vanilla, chocolate with a cherry soaked in Cointreau (liquor).



  • These are also available in our shop:
  • Cookie fans, cones, waffles, ..
  • Toppings: chocolate, caramel, strawberry
  • Fruit syrup: strawberry, raspberry, exotic fruits, red fruits, lawyer, Griottines in Cointreau, vanilla cream
  • Caramelized nuts, pistachio nuts, caramelized almonds, Ferrero nuts, meringue
  • Small disco balls, smarties, ...

Please order early to avoid disappointment

For Christmas before 22/12 & for New Year before 29/12


Opening hours during the holidays:

The shop will be open 7/7 from 18th December until the 4th of January EXEPT for 25/12 and 1/1.

The Ice Cream Parlour however will be closed during this period.

After the holidays we will be closed from 5/1 until 3/3. On the 4the of March we will be happy to welcome you again in our ice cream parlour.

For further information and/or orders call 02 532 41 08, e-mail: or go to our contact page (please give your phone number). You are warmly welcome to visit our shop in Gaasbeek.